Robert Parker

Robert Parker

CMR Racer

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Rider Bio: 

Almost five years ago a pastor told me that "obedience is better that sacrifice" It is really that simple...I have no super powers, just the realization that if I put God first in my life that he will bless me because he loves me. I am not the best racer by far but I know that I will succeed in it because it is important to my family and me. I have a beautiful wife and 3 children, who not only support me, but 2 of the children race as well, making it a family thing. When not racing our family is very active in church, sports for the park and school, boy scouts, and hunting. I spend a lot of time wrenching on our ATVs to keep them consistently ahead of the pack. I learned at an early age that to obtain any goal you have to work hard and persevere even through the toughest obstacles. I have learned many lessons the hard way in life but in the end it has made me stronger and more determined than ever to reach my highest potential in all areas. I never thought I would be an insurance agent but I have been very successful in my business and love that I can help seniors with their needs. With this career I am able to not only provide for my family but also have the flexibility to chase multiple series of racing.