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Rage Primary 101 Part 1

Rage Primary 101 Part 2

Rage Primary 101 Part 3

Supertips 101 Part 1

Supertips 101 Part 2

Junior Rage Primary VI Part 1

Junior Rage Primary VI Part 2

Junior Tuner Secondary

Polaris 850 Scrambler STM Clutch Install

 Adjusting atv belt deflection STM tuner


Proper Belt Deflection 

How to remove and install a primary clutch properly 

 Hydraulic Clutch Removal



 ATV, UTV and sXs STM Tuner Secondary Roller Removal (for tuners without pull dowels) 


STM Primary Clutch Disassembly for Maintenance or Bearing Replacement 


ATV UTV Helix and spring options explained